Mens behaviour change support – Individual & Group

Fixed Address

Fixed Address is a targeted individual case management program for men.  We provide support for men who have used domestic or family violence in their present or past relationships.  Our support includes options for men that have been excluded or are at risk of being excluded from the family home due to their violence.

We explore new approaches to engage men in respectful and targeted ways of changing violent behaviours. With the aim of decreasing the risk of violence towards  women and children.  We provide support and advocacy to access appropriate referral pathways.

Fixed Address partners with Community Housing Limited in providing assistance to men accessing transitional housing properties or other housing options locally. As a result, this partnership works to reduce the burden on the homelessness sector.

Men seeking to change their violent behaviours can access the program directly or be referred by external agencies, partners or family members.

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For further information about Fixed Address, please contact us on 0428 611 877, or email:



Mens behaviour change program – Engage to Change

Warrina is part of the Engage 2 Change consortium, which provides a pilot Men’s Behaviour Change program aimed at men who want to stop using violent and controlling behaviour.

Warrina offers information, advocacy and support to the women and children whose partners are part of the Men’s Behaviour Change program.

Women’s and Children’s Advocate

Phone 0429 312 436